CONTAINER bungalow, foldable


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CONTAINER bungalow, foldable


This product is phased out. Related parts can still be ordered for projects that have one installed.

Bungalow container used as a health facility, workshop, warehouse, etc., where conventional building is problematic, in a chronic emergency situation or in winter conditions.

Identical to the standard container once installed, but packed differently for transport. Volume ratio = 4/1.


20-foot ISO container, comprising a stable framework and removable walls.

Technical specifications

  • EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS (before assembly)
    • length = 6.058 m
    • width = 2.438 m
    • height = 0.648 m
    • profiled steel
    • stackable
    • fork-lift pockets
    • 230 V, 50 Hz
    • external connections built into the upper framework (male 3-pin CEE plug, 32 A)
    • earth connection through flat galvanized iron rod welded to the lower framework
    • interior distribution board with circuit breakers
  • ROOF
    • galvanized sheet steel
    • pitch of 1.5%
    • high-quality thermal insulation
    • live load 1.5 kN/m²
    • welded PVC covering
    • high hydrothermal insulation
    • live load 2.50 kN/m²
    • profiled sheet steel with galvanized outside layer
    • optimal thermal and sound insulation: panels laminated on both sides (E1)

Possible accessories and options

  • Kit for connecting 2 containers
  • Washbasin with accessories
  • Electric water-heater 5 l
  • Electric or gas heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Porch
  • Security grilles for windows and door
  • Mosquito nets for windows
  • Available colours:
    • exterior: blue, white
    • interior: light oak, white


The AMBULANTA structure is a set of containers (5 in the illustration) used as a health facility.

It includes:

  • 1 waiting room
  • 4 consulting rooms
  • 1 pharmacy and storeroom
  • 1 toilet

A structure of this type was developed by MSF-B in collaboration with a manufacturer, and has been successfully used in Turkey, Armenia and Indonesia.

As a rough guideline, the cost of manufacture of 5 complete containers as illustrated (including doors, windows, sinks, electric sockets, lighting and fixings for assembly, but WITHOUT furniture and WITHOUT assembly tools) is around €25,000.

Instructions for use


A single container must rest on 6 concrete foundation blocks. The size and depth of these foundations must be calculated and should be appropriate to the nature of the ground (structure, soil, mobility etc.).

The foundations must be level to enable easy assembly and ensure stability. An installation, handling and maintenance handbook must be provided.


Manipulation by crane with straps or steel cables at minimum 60º from horizontal, attached to the 4 lower corners, or using a fork-lift truck.

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MSF requirements

Easy to install and level.

Modular, mobile, with the possibility to be customized.

Providing a similar degree of comfort to a building.

Spare parts available.

Durable finishing for containers with water points inside.

Materials compatible with local weather conditions. Product comes with producer's warranty period.

Budgets and time frames could be calculated as any other medium-large construction project.

Many companies have standard containers in stock (up to 300), able to be delivered to Antwerp or other shipping points within 24 hours.

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