CASSETTE HOLDER for x-ray cassette, vertical, wall mounted


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Z11079080 - Various supporting instruments for x-ray film system - hardware accessories
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CASSETTE HOLDER, for x-ray cassette


A vertical cassette holder can be mounted onto the wall or as a stand on the ground. It is used to support an x-ray cassette while taking upright x-rays such as the chest or abdomen. It is a necessary accessory item when using a mobile x-ray unit.



Metal, coated in enamel.

Technical specifications

Cassette holders exist in two different types:

  • with a mobile stand on 4 castors with brakes on the ground (EDIMCAHO1S-)

  • with 4 screws to be mounted to the wall (EDIMCAHO1W-)

The cassette holding channels slide freely along the vertical rails and lock firmly at the appropriate height via two spring locks.


Approximate dimensions:

  • wall mounted: 37 cm/14.5" width, 119 cm /47" height, 13 cm/5" depth
  • mobile stand: 38 cm/15" width, 178 cm/70" height, 58 cm/23" depth of base

Instructions for use

Stand on the floor or bolt cassette holder to a wall of the x-ray room.

Select an area where the x-ray tube will then be pointing away from where the radiographer will be.

Load x-ray cassette (and grid as required) into the holder and adjust to the height of the patient. Ensure that the patient stands against the cassette in close contact.

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