CASSETTE + SCREENS, green fluorescence, 35x43 cm


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Z11079006 - Cassettes with reinforcement screen for x–ray films
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For use with film and chemical components (developer and fixer).

NOTE: MSF recommends that projects transition to a digital imaging receptor system wherever possible.


Protective housing including two intensifying screens, intended to contain films for taking radiographs.


Quality standards

ISO 4090, 2001, edition 3, (confirmed 2021) Photography - Medical radiographic cassettes/screens/films and hard-copy imaging films - Dimensions and specifications

Technical specifications


  • aluminium alloy, lightweight and resistant
  • light-proof
  • x-ray transparent front side

Intensifying screen:

  • rare-earth-based luminescent crystals which convert x-rays into blue, green or violet light
  • green-emitting (preferred)
  • nominal speed: 400


  • 24 x 30 cm
  • 35 x 43 cm

Instructions for use


The x-ray film sensitivity must correspond to the colour of the light emitted by the screen:

  • green-emitting cassettes/screens must be used with green-sensitive films
  • blue-emitting cassettes/screens must be used with blue-sensitive films

Think about compatibility between films and cassettes/screens!

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Regularly check the wear and cleanliness condition of the cassettes.

Any damaged cassette must be replaced.

MSF requirements

Green-emitting intensifying screens offer the same image quality as blue-emitting screens while the radiation duration is twice as short.

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