MATTRESS, basic, 80x190 cm, high density foam, cover + zip


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MATTRESS, basic, HD foam


A large, durable, fabric case filled with a resilient material designed to be placed on a bed mattress support platform to provide a comfortable surface on which an occupant can lie and rest/sleep. The device provides no special therapeutic effect.


Density of foam is the weight of one cubic foot (=28.3 liter) of foam (= PCF) or the weight of one cubic meter (kg/m3). Density differs as a result of the materials used in the foam construction, and the amount of polymers versus air present in the product. The common range of densities for conventional foam (does not apply to memory foam) can vary by brand.

Lower density foams (< 25 kg/m³) are cheaper to produce because they require less material.

Density is an important indicator of foam performance with regard to comfort, support and durability.

Type of foam

Density kg/m3

Density / lbs/ft³ or PCF​


Low density foam (e.g. conventional polyfoam)



child mattress

High density foam (e.g. polyurethane, latex)

25 - 60


normal adult mattress

Memory foam



pressure relief mattress

Technical specifications


  • Type of foam: polyurethane, high density foam: > 29 kg/m³
  • Size: +/- 80 x 190 x 14 cm
  • Weight: +/- 10 kg
  • Convenient for patients with a bodyweight < 100 kg, able to mobilize alone without problem

Protective cover

  • 65% polyurethane, 35% polyester
  • with zipper closure on 3 sides
  • weight : 140 g/m2
  • impervious to liquids
  • permeable to water vapour

Instructions for use

Precautions for Use

Regularly check the general condition of the cover (perforations, abrasion ...) and no longer use the cushion if the cover has a defect. Do not use a mattress with a wet or poorly dried cover.

The sterilization of the cover is strongly discouraged and could damage it.


At the change of patient (non-infectious), clean the surface of the cover with a detergent/disinfectant for surfaces/non-invasive medical equipment. Prepare use-solution in concentration required. Always read the label and product information before use. Do not mix with other products. Make sure to wet the surfaces completely, use a wipe or towel, keep them wet for the whole exposure time.

MSF requirements

Regular mattress for a hospital bed for patients that are able to mobilize alone without problem

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