BURNER, BUNSEN, butane/propane, Ø 13 mm, pilot light


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Former Code(s): ELAEBUNB001
W02079006 - Bunsen burners
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Metal device with weighted base, connector for a gas line and a barrel that produces a single open gas flame which is used for heating or disinfection.


Technical specifications

  • For butane/propane gas
  • Gas regulation with tap (for rapid gas supply interruption)
  • Pilot light for automatic switching on
  • Rubber connection with gas source
  • Gas flow: 144 l/h


H x Ø: 165 mm x 13 mm

To be Ordered Separately

  • Tripod stand
  • Net for tripod

Instructions for use

Precautions for Use

Watch out for gas spillage. If it is used in the BSC, always check that the bunsen is off before closing the hood.

Ensure that the gas tubing is appropriate for gas usage. Check regularly the status of the tubing and, if available, expiry date on it.

MSF requirements

For rapid sterilization procedures and slide fixation and to ensure a sterile environment while preparing culture media.

Pilot light is compulsory when the bunsen burner is used discontinuously.

Reserved for microbiology programmes (TB culture and bacteriology).

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