PIPETTE, fixed volume (MiniPet), 40 µl green


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Former Code(s): ELAEPIDF40-
W050302010102 - Serological and dilution pipettes, plastic
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PIPETTE, fixed volume, disposable (MiniPet)


Micropipette used to transfer with high precision a very small liquid sample. It must be disposed after ± 2000 uses.




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Body: polystyrene

Tip: polypropylene

Technical specifications

  • Capacity: 10 µl, 20 µl, 30 µl, 40 µl, 50 µl or 100 µl
  • Colour code:
    • 10 µl: white
    • 20 µl: pink
    • 30 µl: plum
    • 40 µl: light green
    • 50 µl: yellow
    • 100 µl: blue
  • Accuracy of measurements:
    • 10 µl: ± 10%
    • 20-30 µl: ± 5%
    • 40 µl: ± 4%
    • 50 and 100 µl: ± 3%
  • Precision (repeatability)
    • 10 µl: ± 4%
    • 20-30 µl: ± 3%
    • 40 µl: ± 2%
    • 50 and 100 µl: ± 2%
  • Length: 9.53 cm
  • Disposable

Packaging & Labelling

Instructions for use

To be used with the YELLOW tips for:

Do not use for techniques that require high precision pipetting such as CD4 count and biochemistry.

Guaranteed number of uses: minimum 2000 times.

Dispose the "Minipet" in case

  • the plunger is sluggish
  • it is not dispensing its specified quantity of liquid
  • the seal of plunger is leaking (air or liquid) during the operation

Please consult the “Updated laboratory procedures, 2022” available online via the Laboratory working Group sharepoint page: Laboratory Procedures and Resources.


For offline access, contact your laboratory advisor.


The MiniPet can be cleaned on its external surfaces with a swab dampened with disinfectant for medical equipment. Don't immerse the MiniPet in fluids.

MSF requirements

Disposable model, for sampling very small volumes included in the laboratory modules.

Cheap alternative to automatic pipettes (Eppendorf).

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