TABLET COUNTER, triangular, metal, 17 cm


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Former Code(s): EMEQTACO17-
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Device used to quickly and easily count round tablets: automatic calculation of the number of tablets according to the number of filled rows printed on the triangular tablet counter.

The number of rows and tablets contained in the triangular counter depends on the size of the tablets.


Tablet Counting Triangle


  • Equilateral triangle
  • Cleanable
  • EDDCTACO17-: metal, 17x 17x17 cm
  • EDDCTACO7--: metal, 7 cm

Technical specifications

Instructions for manufacturing:

  • Take a metal triangle of ± 17 x 17 x 17 cm, perfectly equilateral (3 equal sides)
  • Seal an edge of 1 cm high on 2 of the 3 sides (or make the initial triangle a little larger and fold the edges over)

Instructions for use

Intended for counting round tablets. Not suitable for oblong tablets and capsules.

1 row of tablets

1 tablet

2 rows of tablets

3 tablets

3 rows of tablets

6 tablets

4 rows of tablets

10 tablets

5 rows of tablets

15 tablets

6 rows of tablets

21 tablets

7 rows of tablets

28 tablets

8 rows of tablets

36 tablets

9 rows of tablets

45 tablets

10 rows of tablets

55 tablets

11 rows of tablets

66 tablets

12 rows of tablets

78 tablets

13 rows of tablets

91 tablets

14 rows of tablets

105 tablets

15 rows of tablets

120 tablets


Clean and thoroughly dry after each use to avoid drug residue between counts.

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