RETRACTOR, LANGENBECK, 24 cm, 160 x 45 mm, 23-25-28


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L031401 - General surgery spreaders and retractors, reusable
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Retractor, Langenbeck


A hand-held, manually-operated, surgical instrument used to separate/draw aside the margins of a full-thickness or near-full-thickness incision or injury (i.e., the skin and underlying connective tissue, skeletal muscle) during a surgical intervention. Deep wound retractors are designed with a long, curved blade.


Kocher - Langenbeck retractor


Technical specifications

  • Retractor with fenestrated handle
  • Single angled (90°) spatula with curved end
    • ESURRELA07-: 7 x 30 mm
    • ESURRELA07-: 140 x 30 mm
    • ESURRELA45-: 160 x 45 mm
  • Length: 21 cm or 24 cm
  • Material: austenitic steel
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