RETRACTOR, GELPI, with ball stops 17 cm 24-40-57


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L031401 - General surgery spreaders and retractors, reusable
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Retractor, Gelpi


Gelpi Retractor is self-retaining retractor often used for holding back tissue in deep surgical sites. It typically consists of a long, acutely angled blade that has no sharp edges and may have a concave profile to give added strength. The long shanks allow for use of this instrument in deep incisions. Once the targeted tissue has been held back, the locking mechanism allows the retractor to remain in place, and does not require someone to hold it during the procedure.


Vaginal retractor, self-retaining


Technical specifications

  • Self-retaining retractor with two arms:
    2 x 1 sharp prong with ball stop
  • Opening set by the ratchet
  • Length: 17 cm
  • Material main parts: martensitic steel

Instructions for use

Make sure the ratchet is properly cleaned and functions correctly.

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