SCALPEL HANDLE, nº3, long 01-27-13


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L010103 - Handles for scalpels, reusable
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Scalpel handle


A device that is an interchangeable component of a scalpel and that functions as a handle designed to mount a compatible blade. This device with the blade become a single-bladed surgical instrument intended to be used by a physician for cutting or dissecting tissue.


Quality Standards Comment

ISO 7740:1985: Instruments for surgery - Scalpels with detachable blades — Fitting dimensions (confirmed in 2021)

Lays down the dimensions of two models of fitting features for detacheable scalpel blades and the handles with which they are used. It secures a good fitting and interchangeability of detachable blades for scalpels manufactured in different countries or by different manufacturers.

Technical specifications

  • Handles of medical scalpels: two types
    • flat handle used in the n°3 and n°4 handles
    • handle like a long writing pen, rounded at the front and flat at the back as in handle n°7
  • Standard scalpel handle for interchangeable blade
  • Length of the handle:
    • ESURSCAL3-- = handle nr 3: 12.5 cm
    • ESURSCAL3L- = handle nr 3L: 21 cm
    • ESURSCAL4-- = handle nr 4: 13.5 cm
    • ESURSCAL4L = handle nr 4: 21 cm
    • ESURSCAL7L = handle nr 7: 16.5 cm
  • The number indicates the characteristic of the distal end, and therefore the choice of blade
  • The number is printed on the handle
  • Material: austenitic steel

Instructions for use

To prevent any risk of injury, use forceps to fit the blade on the handle and to remove it.

Don't forget to order the blades separately (see related articles below). Keep a sufficient stock!

MSF requirements

Handles selected for the blades used in MSF programmes.

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