SPECULUM, VAGINAL, COLLIN, extra small, 90 x 16 mm 52-10-11


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L059001 - Vaginal speculums, reusable
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Vaginal speculum, Collin


A hand-held manual instrument intended to dilate the vagina after insertion, typically for visual examination of the vaginal canal and cervix and/or to perform a gynaecological procedure. It consists of two long blades, joined at a handle at one end, that are inserted into the vagina in a horizontal position and then opened at an angle.


It is a double blade duckbill speculum inserted with the blades closed. The blades are then opened by an external lever and screw. Unlike many other vaginal specula, there is no handle with the Collin device and the blades open laterally/horizontally versus vertically.


Technical specifications

  • Self-retaining vaginal speculum
  • Model Collin
  • Composed of 2 blades mounted on a screw, enabling their opening to be gradually adjusted
  • 2 sizes, the small one is used for women and girls for whom the standard speculum size is too large
  • Material: austenitic steel

Size of the blades





16 mm

90 mm



35 mm

100 mm

Instructions for use

Make sure the thread is clean for a proper tightening of the screw.

Must be open for sterilization.

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