KIT HF, TRANSCEIVER, mobile IC700 + whip antenna Codan 300


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KIT HF, TRANSCEIVER, mobile IC700 + whip antenna Codan 300


HF radio kit, wide band, programmable, with SelCall and scanning options, intended for a mobile configuration (does not allow data transmission).


(See for the Codan Envoy X1 as a base station the kit KCOMKHFBCE1).


For the specifications, see the Logistic catalogue.

HF transceiver:


Antenna tuner for HF mobile radio:


note: OCB/MSF Suply still delivers the kit with the Codan 9350 antenne.

Instructions for use

See the user manual included in the kit.

NEVER transmit (push the PTT button) without an antenna connected.

The Envoy X1 transceiver operates on 12 V battery. Caution, the use of a 24 V truck battery requires a 24 V/12 V adaptor.

The Envoy X1 micro-handset is not always interchangeable.

Any Envy X1 transceiver to be repaired should be sent back together with its microphone and its junction box.

For any problem related to signal quality, installation or antenna selection (bad SWR, skip zone, orientation), please contact your technical department.

The Codan Envoy X1 is proposed with software called NSP. But as the settings possibilities are either too basic or too sophisticated (too many changes authorized), MSF has developed its own software with 2 function levels and has integrated it into the radio:

First level (field)

  • channels can be created or erased
  • SelCall programming (if activated at the second level)
  • choice between USB and LSB mode
  • SelCall on/off
  • scan on/off
  • mute on/off
  • logs IN and OUT view
  • display brightness setting

Second level (CoTL/LogCo/RTL)

(Accessible only with a 6 digit password)

  • beep on/off
  • scan is ON when starting (possibility to change this mode)
  • mute is OFF when starting (possibility to change this mode)
  • possibility to set the SelCall to OFF (so that it cannot be on ON at the first level)
  • delay to restart
  • other functions
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