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This module provides equipment for 10,000 injections with autodisable syringes. Because of the wastage estimated at 10%, 11,000 syringes are packed in the module.

WARNING! Safety of injections = autodisable syringes + containers for collecting, transporting and discarding used auto-disabled syringes and needles.

  • The use of autodisable syringes reduces the risk of blood borne pathogens transmission to the minimum, as they cannot be reused.
  • According to the "Safety injections" policy of WHO, MSF uses systematically auto-disable syringes and single use containers for incineration during mass immunization campaigns.

1,000 syringes of 10 ml + 1,000 s.u. needles are included to dilute the vaccines (1,000 vials).

1 syringe and 1 needle per vial to reconstitute.

Single use GLOVES are provided for the vaccinators (the fast rhythm of injections increases the risk of accidental prick). Average estimation of 1 pair of gloves for 50 injections.

50 CONTAINERS of 15 litres are systematically supplied for the disposal and elimination of injection equipment. The average capacity of a container is 400 auto-disable syringes of 0.5 ml (fixed needle). In practice on the field they are filled in changing quantities according the performance of the teams but they must never contain more than 400 syringes. Never exceed the red line of filling increasing the risk of a pricking accident during manipulation.

The vaccination cards have to be ordered separately. CAUTION if on the EPI immunization card all antigens are used, measles immunization is indicated separately according to the age at the moment of immunization (6-8 months and 9 months or more). It is possible to add another antigen (e.g. meningitis) in the empty space.