KIT, REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER (Sibir V170 KE), 230 V or kerosene

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Absorption refrigerator/freezer, operating on electricity or kerosene, used for storing thermosensitive pharmaceuticals and freezing icepacks when electricity power supply is not reliable.


For the specifications, see the Logistic catalogue (PCOL family).

Instructions for use

An absorption refrigerator can be transported flat or upside down provided it is turned on after a few hours rest period.

Install the refrigerator perfectly levelled, in a well ventilated space (without draught) and protected from sunshine, allowing 30 cm on each side and at the back for air circulation and easy maintenance. Caution, the feet are fragile and should be handled with care.

After starting the refrigerator, place a thermometer and check that the proper temperature is reached before introducing vaccines (usually the next day).

The thermostat cannot be used when the refrigerator is running on kerosene.

Safety measures for kerosene power supply

  • The use of a kerosene burner can cause severe accidents: fire, burns, explosions. It is therefore essential to rigorously follow the instructions of the manufacturer and to properly train the users before they start working with this refrigerator.
  • Use only kerosene (lamp oil), NEVER PETROL (very dangerous)!
    NB: In French, petrol is called "essence" and kerosene (lamp oil/paraffin oil) is called "pétrole (lampant)".
  • If the kerosene is not of good quality, it must be filtered with a water retention filter funnel.
  • Use only an "Aladdin 23" burner.

Precautions for Use

For all information concerning vaccine storage and handling, refer to the "checklist" intended for that purpose (PCOLCHKL1--).

Post a checklist on each refrigerator and freezer containing vaccines.