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The Gexfix external fixator is gradually phasing out and replaced by the Orthofix system. This year, 2021,the Gexfix becomes the second choice for the MSF projects. Gexfix material can still be supplied as long as there are stocks available at the supply centres.

Please note that the two external fixation systems are NOT compatible with each other. Therefore, the parts from the Gex-Fix set should NOT be mixed with the parts from the Orthofix set.

Printable pdf document for external fixator set, GexFix composition with pictures on electronic version under MSF Tools


The external fixator set which is proposed in the surgical instruments sets allows to face most of the situations as well as in adults as in children.


Each set allows 8 to 10 assemblies..

The selected equipment is easy to use, particularly by non orthopaedic surgeons.

The use of external fixator sets implies precise and regular management of their composition. All items can be ordered separately.

The main indications of external fixators are open fractures. Therapeutic alternatives such as orthopaedic treatment by wound debridement-traction, fenestrated plastering or amputation should be considered.

Instructions for use

In order to ease the sterilization the set is presented in 2 parts:

  • EXTERNAL FIXATOR SET, small box (smart box): basic set which contains all the instruments needed for a fixation, presented in a small perforated box: 33 x 23 x 8 cm
  • EXTERNAL FIXATOR SET, supplementary box: box with all consumables allowing to complete the elements of the basic set, once they have been used

(Cf Introduction: Disinfection and sterilization in the field)

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