KIT, household WATER TREATMENT, 1000 families, 2 months

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KIT, household WATER TREATMENT, 1000 families, 2 months


Household water treatment kit to be used for the treatment of sweet water, including turbid surface water. Not to be used for brackish or salty water.


This kit is composed of 3 modules with all necessary items for pre-treatment, treatment and quality monitoring of water at household level.

It is aimed to be used in emergency situations where the raw water quality is unknown and/or centralized water distribution is not applicable. To be used where there is no other alternative available.

Instructions for use

To be included in the E-prep in countries prone to cholera outbreak in rural settings, to floods and natural disasters or with a history of population displacement.

Read the practical guide T.B. (Technical Briefs) chapters 1 and 2 before starting.

T.B. chapter 1 describes the pre-test to be performed before the distribution as it will indicate whether the full treatment (pre-treatment + disinfection) is required and if both chemical consumables must be distributed.

To ensure appropriation of the kit and use of treatment it is essential to combine distribution and demonstration and use sensitisation tools. Follow the distribution procedure described in T.B. chapter 4.

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