KIT, JETTING, for 3 tube wells

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KIT, JETTING, for 3 tube wells


Adapted for alluvial soils (river banks, temporary river bed…), this module enables shallow tube wells in emergency situations.


This module is designed for drilling 3 holes of maximum 5 m depth each. It requires a motor pump (minimum 30 m3/h), a water tank and a basic water tools kit.

Instructions for use

A prehole drilled with the ¾" long tube assembly facilitates the vertical orientation of the main hole and the penetration of the first soil layer which can be solidified. Make sure to correctly waterproof all the joints before adding the strainers.

As the self-boring strainer needs to be completely submerged, the water level must not be more than 4 m deep for a drilled hole of 5 m.

The pumped water should be considered as surface water. So even if this technology allows to obtain clear water without pre-treatment (coagulation / flocculation, sedimentation), it still requires disinfection.

Up to 3 jetted wells can be connected in parallel to only one motor pump.

It is still possible to pump clear water from a jetted well even if the well head becomes submerged.

For more detailed information and instructions see also "Public Health Engineering in Precarious Situations", 2nd edition, MSF, 2010, chapter T.B. 2.07 Jetting.

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