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Electrical submersible pump used to pump clean water at a yield of 5 m3/h up to a total head of 70 metre.

Suitable for continuous use.




CLOSED ARTICLE: Grundfos SQ 5-70

  • Engine:
    • single phase, 230 V AC, 50 Hz
    • slow starting (runs on the 3-4 kVA generator PELEGENE03425 when new)
    • overload protection
  • Cable attached to the pump (length: min. 100 m)
  • Dry run protection
  • Over- and under voltage protection
  • Multistage, centrifugal pump
  • Upthrust protection
  • Guillemin coupling 2" (ND50) at outlet of the well head provided within the kit
  • Pump and engine integrated in a waterproof casing


The kit contains all the accessories required for the installation and functioning of the pump in a bore hole.

Instructions for use

Kit supplied with user's manual. The electrical cable is connected to the pump.

This pump is easy to instal and is suited for:

  • pumping clean groundwater from bore holes, and possibly from wells or rigid reservoirs
  • performing pumping tests for determining the yield of a bore hole (provided a flowmeter and a diameter are available)

​Check that the performance curve of the pump suits your situation. If this is not the case:

  • in an emergency situation, it is possible to order a "submersible pump kit" suitable for higher heads (up to 145 metre at 1 m3/h), or for higher yields (up to 9 m3/h at 19 metre) (see related articles below)
  • in stable situations, it is strongly recommended to order a submersible pump that really fits the yield and depth of the borehole (contact your technical department for further information

The body of the pump needs to be completely immersed in the water:

  • minimum 50 cm below the dynamic water level (preferably 1 metre)
  • minimum 50 cm above the bottom of the well / reservoir or the screen (perforated casing) in the case of a bore hole (preferably 1 metre)

If the water level inside the well or the reservoir doesn't allow meeting these distances, the pump can be installed horizontally. In that case, a shroud (or sleeve or cooling jacket) is required to cool the pump and prevent the pump from being covered by sediments (which would reduce the cooling of the electrical motor). Such a cooling jacket enables a portion of the pumped liquid or an external liquid to be circulated around the motor stator housing. This absorbs excess heat by forced convection, ensuring efficient cooling of the pump.The pump must not be installed below the horizontal level with relation to the motor!

No need for a separate control panel as all the protections are located inside the body of the pump.

It is recommended to build a shelter for the generator if the pump is stationary.

Train the staff in proper operation, follow-up and maintenance (which is very limited) of the pump.

For more detailed information and instructions see also the pump owner's manual (included in the kit) and "Public Health Engineering in Precarious Situations", MSF, 2nd edition, 2010:

  • T.B. 2.25 Centrifugal pumps
  • T.B. 2.27 Determination of the maximum pumping rate of a well
  • T.B. 2.29 Submersible pump installation,

as well as the Home-made cooling mantle (shroud or sleeve) information sheet (MSF).



Clean thoroughly before storing in a dry and dust free storage. Follow instructions from manual when expecting temperatures below 0C° to avoid damage from freezing.

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