TAMPON, disposable, regular size


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TAMPON, disposable, regular size


The sanitary tampon is made from absorbent material (cotton or viscose) in a cylinder form. They are for digital insertion and do not have an applicator . Could be supplied from different brands. Per piece.


The absorption capacity is regular, indicated with 3 droplets on the package (corresponds to approximately 9 gram absorbency value). Packed per unit and presented usually in carton boxes of 12 or 36 pieces.


Used by women during menstruation by digitial insertion into the vagina (without applicator) and regular replacement during period in time intervals of less than 8 hours.

Precautions for use:

  • a tampon will NOT prevent an unwanted pregnancy or protect against STIs
  • hand washing is needed before inserting the tampon
  • a set of instructions of how to insert, extract and change the tampons should always be handed to the woman.
  • acceptance of feminine hygiene products that need to be inserted into the vagina depends on the cultural context.