(intestinal ostomy bag) PERISTOMAL DRESSING, paste 60 g tube


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A108002 - Protective creams / gels for peristomal skin
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A non-sterile paste applied to peristomal skin intended to protect it from body effluent (e.g., faeces, wound exudate) and to help secure the seal of a stomal appliance. After application, this device cannot be reused.


Stomahesive paste, ostomy paste


Technical specifications

  • Hydrocolloid-based substance (protects the skin)
  • Ready to use paste, easy to apply and dries on application
  • Compatible with the intestinal ostomy plates
  • Non sterile

Packaging & Labelling

Tube of 60 g

Instructions for use

It is used to fill any irregularities on the skin surface: creates a flat surface for the stoma appliance to create a perfect seal with the skin. This function deters any leakages from occurring and causing skin irritation. Improves pouch fit and increases wear time of appliance.


  • Keep below 30°C
  • Do not freeze
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