SHARPS CONTAINER, 4 l, plastic, s.u.


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SHARPS CONTAINER, plastic, disposable


A single use plastic container used for the safe deposit and collection of biologically or chemically contaminated used sharps; this includes (long) needles, lancets, scalpel blades, cannulae. This container is puncture resistant, leak-proof, and closable. It is disposed of when filled to the recommended level, according to the facilities' instructions.


Quality standards

ISO 23907-1, 2019, edition 1, Sharps injury protection - Requirements and test methods - Part 1: Single-use sharps container

Technical specifications

  • Rigid plastic: the solidity allows them to withstand perforations, leaks and impacts due to falls
  • Cylindrical model for the SINSCONT03P and SINSCONT2P-
  • Useful capacity:
    • 0.3 - 0.6 l (SINSCONT03P)
    • 1 to 2 l (SINSCONT2P-)
    • 4 l (SINSCONT4P-)
  • Anti-reflux system: protects against overturning in the event of accidental tilting of the collector and against unauthorized removal of soiled objects.
  • Sharps waste aperture with:
    • Temporary safety closure between eliminations or during transport
    • Tamper-proof closing
    • Uncoupling notches for Luer
  • Solid handle allowing easy transportation
  • Marking on lateral sides:
    • pictorial instructions for use
    • logo + manufacturer's name and address
    • international bio-hazard symbol
    • horizontal mark indicating the maximum fill line which is between 75 and 85% of the maximal volume

Packaging & Labelling

Unit packaging

Instructions for use

Context of use

For mass immunization campaigns, the 15 litres Safety Sharps box accommodating larger waste volumes is preferred.

In non-emergency situations, MSF recommends to use reusable sharps waste containers (see related articles below).

This container is not suitable for contaminated medical waste (compresses...).

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Waste management


Once filled, the containers must be disposed of in the sharps pit, or incinerated in a specialized medical waste incineration plant with automatic loading and offloading systems


Once filled, the containers must be burnt with additional combustibles (like wood) in a Safety Box Reducer if not containing glass, or incinerated in a specialised medical waste incineration plant with automatic loading and offloading systems.

If these automatic systems are not available, special care and precautions must be taken. Contact your water & sanitation / environmental health technical referent at headquarter.

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