BAG, plastic, 10 cm x 10 cm, re-sealable zipper


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PLASTIC BAG, re-sealable zipper


A zipper storage bag, slider storage bag, or zippie is an inexpensive flexible rectangular storage bag, usually mainly transparent, which can be sealed and opened many times. It is used for the protection of health-cards and for packing purposes in the pharmacy.


bag with zip fastening


  • Transparent polyethylene or similar plastic
  • Thickness: minimum 60 µm
  • Reinforced side welds
  • Watertight snap-lock fastening
  • A perforation allows the bag with the health card to be suspended (optional)

Instructions for use

For an optimum protection, the bag must remain tightly closed.

MSF requirements

Plastic bag (e.g. MINIGRIP® brand) of superior quality in order to ensure a long-lasting protection.

Intended use: see table below

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Extra Tables


Size / Taille

Intended use / Utilisation


10 x 10 cm

Storage and transport of laboratory samples / Stockage et transport d'échantillons de laboratoire


14 x 17 cm

Storage and transport of laboratory samples / Stockage et transport d'échantillons de laboratoire


16 x 22 cm

Healthcard / Carte de santé


20 x 25 cm

Storage of pharmacy supplies / Stockage des produits pharmaceutiques