CRYPTOCOCCUS TEST (CrAg LFA), ser/pl/wb/CSF, 1test CR2003


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W010506 - Mycology (infect. immunology/nat)
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The cryptococcus test is worded and codified by unit to make the order easier, but it is always packaged in kit of 50.


Rapid immunochromatographic test (Lateral Flow Assay, LFA) for the qualitative and semi-quantitative detection of Cryptococcus neoformans antigens in serum, plasma, whole blood or cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF).


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  • Lateral Flow Specimen Diluent (2.5 ml) - GLF025
  • Lateral Flow Titration Diluent (6.0 ml) - EI0010
  • CrAg Lateral Flow Test Strips (50 strips in vial with desiccant)
  • CrAg Positive Control (1 ml): solution with cryptococcal antigen - CB1020
  • Package insert

Technical specifications

  • Rapid test: +/- 15 min
  • Positive control, titration and specimen diluents: colorless and odorless liquids

Packaging & Labelling

Kit of 50 tests

To be Ordered Separately

  • Automatic pipette with tips (40 μl and 80 μl)
  • Timer
  • Micro-tubes, test tubes, or a micro-titer plate

Instructions for use

Follow the instructions in the leaflet.

Complement to the staining with India ink.

Please consult the “Updated laboratory procedures, 2022” or “Bacteriology laboratory procedures and resources“ available online via the Laboratory working Group sharepoint page: Laboratory Procedures and Resources.

For offline access, contact your laboratory advisor.

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Precautions for Use

All biological samples must be considered as potentially infectious and handled with the usual precautions (compulsary wearing of gloves, hand washing, etc.).


  • Store between 20 and 25ºC
  • Do not freeze
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Guaranteed minimum remaining shelf life at delivery: 1/3 of the total shelf life
  • Not to be used beyond expiry date

(Cf Introduction: Thermosensitive products)

Waste management

Incinerate used strips and equipment.

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