NETWORK SWITCH, 5 ports 10/100mbps


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NETWORK SWITCH, 5 ports 10/100mbps


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Network switch is a device with 5 ports for Ethernet or RJ45 connections for devices with a speed of 10/100 MB. Per piece.


  • Speed (bandwidth): minimum 10/100 MB's, the switch automatically senses the speed (10 or 100 Mbps) of the device at the other end.
  • Cooling system: passive (no fan).
  • Power supply: 110 - 220 V.

OCA delivers:. JH327A HPE 1420 5G

    MSF LOGISTIQUE delivers: TP-LINK TL-SG105 5 ports 1 Gbit/s


    Fits Ethernet or RJ45 cables/connections.


    The switch connects multiple computers, printers, servers and other hardware. They allow you to send information, such as email, and access shared resources, including printers, in a smooth, efficient, and transparent manner.