ELBOW CRUTCH, child, adjustable length


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Former Code(s): EPHYMISC041 EPHYZFR0041
Article is intended to be used with children (<12 years) ONLY.
Y12030601 - Elbow crutches
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A staff-like mobility aid designed to assist a person with a disability to support their weight while walking.

The device has one leg, a padded hand support at the level of the user's wrist, and a non-horizontal plastic or metal cuff that wraps around the forearm.


Quality standards

  • ISO 24415-2, 2011, edition 1, (confirmed 2022) Tips for assistive products for walking - Requirements and test methods - Part 2: Durability of tips for crutches
  • ISO 11334-1, 2007, edition 2, (confirmed 2022) Assistive products for walking manipulated by one arm -Requirements and test methods - Part 1: Elbow crutches

Technical specifications

  • 2 Sizes: height to be measured calculated from the foot to handle (and not from foot to elbow)
    • Child from 50 to 90 cm
    • Adult from 85 to 110 cm
  • Possibility of adjustable forearm section ( especially for child sizes)
  • Forearm piece bent backward and extended to 5 cm below the elbow.
  • Adjustable height
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Aluminium
  • Prefer rubber tips with metal inlay for greater resistance
  • Supplied per pair

Instructions for use

For people who can't put their full weight on their lower limb.

MSF requirements

Mobility aid used in all types of contexts.

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