PAEDIATRIC BED electric, adjustable + side rails + castors


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V08060107 - Pediatric electric medical beds
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A bed with appropriate size for children (typically up to 12 years of age) that incorporates fixed endrails, and moveable and latchable siderails. The bed is motorized providing the nursing staff with touch button adjustment possibilities. It includes a framework with wheels, a mattress support platform that can articulate, a headboard and footboard, siderails, and a remote control to operate the electrical motors. Paediatric beds are not appropriate for neonates/infants.


Quality standards

  • EN 60601-2-52, 2010, +A1 2015 Medical electrical equipment - Part 2-52: Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of medical beds
  • ISO 22882, 2016, edition 2, (confirmed 2022) Castors and wheels -- Requirements for castors for hospital beds

Technical specifications


  • Head and foot board
  • Siderails:
    • detachable and lockable
    • transparent plexiglass panels are preferred (visibility)
  • X-Ray translucent back section
  • Four corner bumpers
  • 150 mm castors, two are individually lockable
  • IV pole sockets at the four corners

ADJUSTMENTS: electronic

  • Backrest adjustment: 0 - 70°
  • Footrest: 0 - 40°
  • Height adjustment
  • Trendelenburg +/- 25° (anti-trendelenburg +/- 15° is optional)


  • external dimensions: 95 x 170 cm
  • bed surface: 70 x 140 cm
  • height: 70 cm
  • safety working load capacity: 180 kg

Supplied with the Article

2 height adjustable IV poles

To be Ordered Separately

Prevention sore (medium risk) FOAM MATTRESS adapted to the size of the bed.

Memory foam and cubed foam mattresses for preventing bedsores adapt to the body's shape of the patient, increase the contact surface and optimize the pressure redistribution. The mattress is covered with a removable, waterproof, breathable and bidirectional stretch cover.

Instructions for use


Can be cleaned and disinfected with a detergent/disinfectant solution for surfaces / non-invasive medical equipment. Prepare use-solution in concentration required. Always read the label and product information before use. Do not mix with other products. Make sure to wet the surfaces completely, use a wipe or towel, keep them wet for the whole exposure time.

MSF requirements

To be used in paediatric intensive care units in MSF settings.

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