AUTOCLAVE 23L (Tuttnauer 2540 EL) laboratory benchtop, 230V


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  • Autoclave 23l Tuttnauer 2540 EL Paillasse de Laboratoire (Manuel d'Utilisation et de Maintenance)


March 2019: no longer produced and replaced by the new model Tuttnauer 2840EL-D (ELAEAUTE02- -) (see “replaced by” at bottom of the page).


Benchtop steam autoclave for laboratory use, for the sterilisation of the media, material and destruction of biohazard waste.

The Tuttnauer benchtop is a front loading laboratory autoclave. With higher capacities and better performance, the Tuttnauer 2540 EL provides safe, economical and effective sterilization. The EL models have an advanced microprocessor based control panel.

Integrated reservoir for water feed, with water level control and steam recirculation saves on demineralized water consumption and enables the autoclave to be independent of a water supply. External heating elements make the sterilizer easy to clean.

The 2540 EL autoclave is specially and exclusively designed for use in the laboratory. Indeed, in addition to all the elements of a hospital autoclave, it is equipped with an onboard temperature probe to be placed in a vial of control liquid so that the autoclave can regulate temperature and pressure more precisely possible with regard to the liquid charge that must be sterilized. This probe will also allow at the end of the cycle to ensure that the temperature of the sterilized liquid is low enough that the bottle can be recovered. Due to the presence of a liquid, the bottle will take longer to cool down than the chamber of the autoclave.


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Quality Standards Comment

Tuttnauer's high quality laboratory autoclaves comply with the strictest international directives and standards.

  • Technical directives
    • Pressure equipment Directive: PED 97/23/EC
    • Council directive of low votage electrical equipment 73/23/EEC
    • Electromagnetic compatibility directive 89/336/EEC
  • Technical norms
    • ASME Code
    • IEC-61010-1, IEC-61010-2-041, general security rules for medical equipment
    • EN 61326 - mandatory request for EMC (ElectroMagnetic compatibility)
  • Qualitry norms (for the manufacturing site)
    • ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 - quality management system


  • Chamber constructed of 316Ti grade stainless steel.
  • Door, generator and trays are made from stainless steel.
  • Water tank is in hard plastic.
  • Door handle is made of hard plastic, thermoisolated and can be touched without risks.

Technical specifications

Chamber volume in liters : 23 liters.

  • Loading capacities:
    • 4 Erlenmeyer of 250 ml or 3 Erlenmeyer of 500 ml.
    • 6 Medium flasks of 250 ml or 4 Medium flasks of 500 ml ou 3 Medium flasks of 1 L.
  • Use conditions:
    • To be used inside
    • Maximum external temperature for use: 40°C
    • Maximum relative humidity for use: 85%
  • Electrical informations:
    • 1Ph, 230V/50Hz, 9.6A.
    • The electrical net must be protected with a current leakage safety relay.
  • Quality Features:
    • The chamber is constructed of long lasting 316Ti grade stainless steel with superior corrosion resistance
    • The generator is made from stainless steel
    • The autoclave automatically switches to standby mode if no buttons or switches are operated for four hours
    • The autoclave is designed for easy servicing allowing maintenance access to all components
    • Drain Protection: The exhaust drain is mixed with cold tap water that cools the exhaust's temperature before reaching the drain


  • Chamber dimensions: 250 (Ø) x 420mm
  • External dimensions (WxHxD): 510 x 365 x 545 mm
  • Net weight: 47,8 kg

To be Ordered Separately

Check with your biomedical referent what spare parts and accessories should be ordered with the autoclave

Instructions for use

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The autoclave is designed for easy servicing allowing maintenance access to all components

RS 232 PC Connection Port for direct software updates and remote maintenance

  • Daily:
    • Clean the door gasket with a soft cloth. The gasket should be clean and smooth.
  • Weekly:
    • Remove the tray and clean it
    • Clean and descale the chamber, the copper pipes and the tank
    • Put a few drops of oil on the two door pins and door tightening bolts.
    • Clean outer parts of the autoclave with a soft cloth.
    • Drain out the vessel and fill it with demineralized or distilled water
    • Clean the electrode with a soft cloth.
  • Periodically:
    • Check the door gasket every 12 months and replace it if required.
    • Once a year check and tighten the piping joints to avoid leakage.
    • Once a year check and tighten all screw connections in the control box, heaters, valves and instrumentation.
    • Once a month clean the strainer.
    • Every 6 months, clean the ventilator grid
  • Periodical Tests:
    • Once every month activate and check the safety valve.

MSF requirements

Specific for microbiology/culture laboratory, after validation of referent.

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