BOTTLE ADAPTOR, tapered Ø 16 to 28mm, plastic


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Plastic cap to be inserted by pressure into the opening of a bottle, allowing small amounts of liquid to pass through. Intended to be used with oral syringes to safely and accurately dispense liquid formulations.


dispensing plug, adaptor for syringe


Technical specifications

  • Polyethylene adaptor
  • Cap that fits to the opening of the bottle (30 to 1000 ml) with a good seal
  • Opening in the middle: Ø ± 4 mm, allowing connection with an oral syringe
  • Tapered: outer diameter: 16 to 28 mm (maximum)
  • The bottle can be closed with the adaptor in place.

Packaging & Labelling

Bag of 100 pieces. Quantity may vary according the manufacturer.

MSF requirements

Device that is part of the basic equipment for the dispensation of medication to children.

Tapered adaptor that can fit to the opening of bottles of different diameters.

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