BAG for drugs, plastic, zipper, 6 x 8 cm, + pictogram 2020


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BAG for drugs plastic 6x8cm pictogram


Plastic bag intended to contain medication prescribed to a patient.



Technical specifications

  • Transparent polyethylene
  • Dimensions: 6 cm x 8 cm
  • Thickness: 50 µm
  • Butt-welded on 3 sides
  • Watertight zipper closure
  • 1 opaque side and 1 transparent side. The opaque side is printed as follows:
    • time of day: morning, midday, evening, night, with symbols
    • symbols with different presentation of the medicine
    • name of medicine and dosage
    • days
    • name of the patient
    • ​date of dispensing

Packaging & Labelling

Instructions for use

The opaque side of the bag is used to write the name of the medicine, its dosage, the duration of treatment, the patient's name and the date of dispensing.

Simple pre-printed icons allow to indicate the distribution of doses over the day (morning, midday, evening, night).

  • Use language that the patient can understand (drawing + number).
  • Write with a ball point pen or a fine permanent marker.
  • Use one bag per medicine and per treatment.
  • Close the bags tightly after opening.


For the distribution of oral treatments for chronic diseases (TB, AIDS, etc.), it is recommended to use a tablet planner.

For the distribution of liquids and ointments, use recycled containers with a cap (e.g. containers of injectable products) after having properly cleaned and dried them.


Keep the bags in their protective packaging, protected from dust, until use.

MSF requirements

Plastic bag to ensure a regular supply for all projects.

Zipper closure for a good seal.

Pictogram with the patient's name and date of dispensing.

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