(MC2/SEAL) FORCEPS BIPOLAR straight 18cm,5x1mm,reus.VPB18D10


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    (MC2/SEAL) FORCEPS BIPOLAR straight 18cm,5x1mm,reus.VPB18D10


    The active electrode delivers the RF current from the generator to the surgical site. The current to tissue action at the tip of the active electrode is high electron flow over a small area. As resistance is encountered heat is produced. The current density differs for each tip based on the size and shape of the tip.

    With the bipolar electrosurgical method a bipolar device, often a forceps, is used. The electrical current passes from one side of the forceps, through the target tissue to the other side of the forceps, then back to the generator. The electrical current is restricted to the tissue between the tips of the forceps, therefore not requiring the use of a return electrode

    GMDN: Open-surgery electrosurgical handpiece/electrode, bipolar, reusable (47848)



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    Technical specifications

    • ​bipolar forceps model bayonet cushing
    • total length: 18 or 20 cm
    • point: 2.0 mm

    To be Ordered Separately

    SSCOETCP55S: CLEANING PAD for electrosurgical tip, 5x5cm, sterile

    Active electrode tips made from stainless steel have the disadvantage of eschar build up which results in increased resistance. This resistance interferes with the desired tissue effect and can become a fire hazard. These tips have to be cleaned with a scratch pad.

    Instructions for use

    Precautions for Use

    • Active HF instruments and HF handles must not be placed on the patient in order to avoid any injuries in case of involuntary HF activation
    • For cleaning the active electrode, you must disconnect the instrument from the generator. Directly after activation the tips could be hot. This may lead to burns.


    The reusable electrode-handpieces and the electrodes must be cleaned and sterilized by steam autoclave after each use. Always leave the electrodes to cool down after sterilization.

    (Cf Introduction: Disinfection and sterilization in the field)

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