VEHICLE 4x2 (Toyota Corolla 1.6) 5 seats, petrol LHD


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VEHICLE 4x2 (Toyota Corolla 1.6) 5 seats, petrol LHD


City car, petrol, intended for transporting passengers:

General information:

  • 4 + 1 forward-facing seats
  • 4 doors
  • transmission: 4x2
  • left hand drive (LHD): steering wheel on the left-hand side for driving on the right, as in continental Europe
  • trunk volume min-max: 452l - 470l
  • front wheel drive
  • average fuel consumption city: 8.2liters/100km
  • average fuel consumption highway: 5.3liters / 100 km
  • fuel tank: 55l
  • environmental standard: EURO V


  • petrol engine: 1.6 liters
  • cylinders: 4
  • engine power: 122 hp

Brakes and wheels:

  • front: ventilated disc brakes
  • rear: disc brakes
  • tyre: 195/65R15 tubeless
  • rear mud flaps


  • Front: independent, racks, MacPherson, spring, tranverse stabilizer
  • Rear: semi-independent, spring


  • 1 full-size spare wheel
  • light sensor
  • multimedia USB connector
  • multifunctional 4.2' bluetooth display
  • plug type C (front)

Dimensions LxHxW: 4.630x1.780x1.435m

Gross weight: 1775kg

Closed article. Toyota, Corolla, E210, Sedan. Per piece.


Fueled with petrol.


Petrol city car vehicle intended for passengers transport (facing forwards) on good roads, for 4 passengers + 1 driver.