ABC 60mg / 3TC 30mg / DTG 5mg, disp. tab.


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Article is intended to be used with children (<12 years) ONLY. - Fixed-dose combinations of antiretroviral medicines
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Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification according to WHOCC
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Full Name

Paediatric abacavir/ lamivudine/ dolutegravir (pALD) fixed-dose combination

Therapeutic Action

Paediatric fixed-dose combination of three antiretrovirals (pALD):


HIV infection, according to dosage recommended by WHO.

First-line ART regimen for children at least 3 months of age and weighing 6 to 24.9 kg.

Instructions for use

Paediatric use only.

Tablets should be dispersed in water only and given orally once per day.

The fixed combination ABC 60 mg / 3TC 30 mg / DTG 5 mg replaces separate components ABC 120 mg / 3TC 60 mg + DTG 10 mg in children from 6 to < 25 kg.

Separate components ABC 120 mg / 3TC 60 mg + DTG 10 mg will still be used for children from 3 to 5.9 kg.


  • Below 25ºC - Protect from humidity
  • Keep the bottle tightly closed. Do not remove the desiccant.