SLIDE BOX, plastic, for 100 slides


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Former Code(s): ELAEBOXL100
W0502 - Devices for samples transport (non generic laboratory products)
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SLIDE BOX, plastic


A small, portable box intended to be used to safely store a number of stained microscope slides for their organization and protection during storage and transportation. It will typically have the capacity to store, e.g., 12 to 100 slides, and is available in a variety of box designs, e.g., it may have a hinged or a loose lid which may be transparent. The slides are stored upright lying on one side.


Technical specifications

  • Box with cover
  • Plastic
  • Capacity: 100 slides of 76 x 26 mm for STD article (also exists for 20 and 50 slides)
  • Lock
  • Numbered slots
  • Index sheet

MSF requirements

Plastic for the strength and the humidity resistance.

Lock for the transport.

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