COUNTING CHAMBER NEUBAUER, improved, double grid


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W020201 - Cell count
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Slide designed by Neubauer for counting cells in biological fluids.


Neubauer haemacytometer.




Technical specifications

  • Meets the European standards for the calibrated class (optical size, high precision grid, optimal visibility)
  • Improved model: 5 x 5 (bright line)
  • Depth: 0.1 mm
  • Surface 0.0025mm2
  • Volume: 0.9 mm3
  • Double engraved grid
  • Supplied with 2 glass planed cover slides (20 x 26 mm)
  • Reusable

Packaging & Labelling

Instructions for use

The Neubauer counting chamber is used to count cells in a biological fluid by observing through a microscope a calibrated grid of which the exact dimensions (including depth and volume) are known. A simple calculation allows the number of cells per ml or another volume unit to be determined.

Please consult the “Updated laboratory procedures, 2022” available online via the Laboratory working Group sharepoint page: Laboratory Procedures and Resources.

For offline access, contact your laboratory advisor.

MSF requirements

This chamber is the most frequently used. WHO standard for various counting techniques: 5x5 grid.

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