WATER BATH, 14 litres, 95°C


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W02079001 - Thermostatic water baths
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  • Water Bath Fisher 7 and 14 (Protocol I)
  • Water Bath Fisher 7 (User and Technical Instructions)
  • Bain-Marie Fisher 7 et 14 (Protocole I)
  • Bain-Marie Fisher 7 (Notice d'Utilisation)

WATER BATH, 14 litres


A mains electricity (AC-powered) receptacle for water designed to immerse and keep objects or products at a hot, or less frequently, cold temperature.

The temperature can be controlled from a few degrees below or above ambient temperature to close to 100 °Celsius (212 °Fahrenheit).

It typically consists of a corrosion-resistant container that can store water, heating elements, sensors, thermostats, and controls. allowing incubation of reagent containing tubes and Erlenmeyer flasks at a chosen temperature.


  • Container volume : 14 liters
  • Temperature range from 20 up to 95º C
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1 ºC
  • Automatic bath stop after 8 hours of functioning
  • With overheating protection
  • Low water level warning


Completely built in stainless steel

Technical specifications

  • LED display to show real and set up temperature
  • Power supply mains
    • voltage: 230 V
    • power: 1800 W


  • Internal (L x W x H): 350 x 290 x 140 mm
  • External (L x W x H): 578 x 436 x 347 mm

Instructions for use

Read carefully the supplier "Manual of instructions" before first use.

Please consult the “Updated laboratory procedures, 2022” available online via the Laboratory working Group sharepoint page: Laboratory Procedures and Resources.


For offline access, contact your laboratory advisor.

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Precautions for Use

Secure all biomedical electrical devices in the laboratory. Contact your biomedical referent to define the best option.

Failing that, use a UPS double conversion for the electrical protection of the apparatus (see related articles below).

MSF requirements

Water bath is used to keep Middlebrook 7H11 medium containing OADC at constant temperature during medium preparation for Thin Layer Agar technique.

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