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Electrical pump used to pump clean or turbid water from a river, a lake, a well, a sedimentation tank or a flooded building.

The pump can be either be set to work continuously or to switch on and off according to pre-defined water levels by use of a floater switch.



  • Engine:
    • single phase, 230 VAC, 50 Hz
    • output powerruns on the 3-4 kVA generator PELEGENE03425)
    • overload protection
  • Guillemin coupling 2" (ND50) at outlet
  • Pump and motor integrated in a waterproof casing


The kit contains:

  • the tools required for the quick installation and functioning of the pump in a well
  • Personal Protective Equipment for the operator
  • a special tube for the cleaning and disinfection of wells

Instructions for use

Kit supplied with user's manual.

This pump is easy to instal (partly or completely submerged) and is suited for:

  • pumping surface water and well water intended for consumption
  • emptying of wells, sedimentation tanks and flooded buildings
  • mechanical cleaning and disinfection of wells

The T-piece allows to instal the pump quickly and easily in a well and provides 2 outlets for the pumped up water.

For a water level slightly deeper than the maximum total head, the dewatering pump can be connected in series with a surface pump (e.g. petrol motor pump KWATKPUP30-).

Train the staff in proper operation, follow-up and maintenance (which is very limited) of the pump.

For more detailed information and instructions see also the Dewatering Pump Installation Manual (MSF) and the pump Owner's manual (included in the kit) as well as "Public Health Engineering in Precarious Situations", MSF, 2nd edition, 2010:

  • T.B. 2.03 Cleaning and disinfection of a well
  • T.B. 2.25 Centrifugal pumps
  • T.B. 2.27 Determination of the maximum pumping rate of a well


Switch off the power supply to the pump when somebody is in the same body of water being pumped (risk of electrocution!).

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