BATTERY rechargeable (R6/AA) NiMH, 1.2V


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BATTERY rechargeable (R6/AA) 1.2V, NiMH


Small dry rechargeable batteries used in portable electrical devices.


NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) batteries

    • 1.2 V
    • Size codes: R6/AA/MN1500/M3/PENLITE
    • Diameter: 14 mm
    • Length: 50 mm
    • Capacity: 750 - 2800 mAh


    Rechargeable batteries can be recharged more than 400 times with a suitable charger. As a result they are cheaper in the long term and more environmentally friendly than disposable batteries.

    It is advisable but not necessary to discharge them completely before recharging them.

    Rechargeable batteries are sold uncharged. Several charge/discharge cycles are required before a battery will reach its specified capacity.