SHARPS CONTAINER, 15 l, cardboard, for incineration


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SHARPS CONTAINER, cardboard, 15 l


Single use 15 litre plasticized cardboard sharps container, used for the disposal of syringes with needle fitted and auto-disable syringes during mass immunization campaigns.


Quality standards

ISO 23907-1, 2019, edition 1, Sharps injury protection - Requirements and test methods - Part 1: Single-use sharps container

Quality Standards Comment

  • WHO/PQS/E10/SB01.1

Technical specifications

  • Plasticized recycled cardboard, 1.5 mm thick (special "polysafe": rather puncture and moisture resistant)
  • Capacity: 15 litres, i.e. ± 400-450 auto-disable syringes of 0,5 ml (fixed needle)
  • Weight: 715 g
  • Sharps waste aperture:
    • 32 x 95 mm
    • with temporary closure mechanism
  • Handle integral with the box
  • Marking on lateral sides:
    • pictorial instructions for assembly and use
    • logo + manufacturer's name and address
    • international bio-hazard symbol
    • horizontal mark indicating the maximum fill line
  • Size:
    • Folded: 777 x 445 x 5 mm
    • Assembled: 310 x 240 x 215 mm

Packaging & Labelling

Box of 10 folded containers

Instructions for use

Context of use

This container was developed within the framework of the safety policy for injection immunizations (WHO/UNICEF) and manufactured for this use.

This container is not suitable for contaminated waste (compresses...) nor for singular metal sharps (e.g. needles, blades, lancets) as they might fall through, nor for glass waste (e.g. ampoules, vials, bottles) as they might explode when the container is burnt.

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Waste management

Once filled, the containers must be destroyed by burning in a (temporary) Safety Box Reducer, or by incineration in a specialised medical waste incineration plant with automatic loading and offloading systems.

If these automatic systems are not available, special care and precautions must be taken. Contact your water & sanitation / environmental health technical referent at headquarter.

CAUTION: The combustion quality (temperatures reached, duration), as well as the residual ash are directly linked to fire + polymer (chief constituent of syringes) factors. The needles (of the AD-syringes) will still be intact and as sharp as before the combustion.

MSF requirements

​Light and foldable container for mass immunization campaigns, designed to prevent:

  • accidental needlestick injuries:
    • use of only one hand
    • small sharps waste aperture with temporary closure mechanism
  • external contamination:
    • moisture resistant plasticized cardboard
    • rather puncture resistant
    • stable

Readily flammable after having added some combustible liquid like kerosene on its handle and side, good combustion quality and reasonable residual ash quantity.

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