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(flow splitter Sureflow) SET OF ACCESSORIES + HUMIDIFIERS


Add-on set for the paediatric flow station/splitter (Sureflow) for administering medical-grade oxygen from 0 to 2 litres per minute to multiple patients/ children (up to 5) from oxygen concentrator or other oxygen source. Can be best used with oxygen concentrator of minimum 10 litres/minute.



  • 5x humidifiers (Flowmeter TR200) EEMDCONA003
  • 10x male connector for humidifier EEMDCONA002
  • 1x oxygen hosing to connect the outlet of the oxygen concentrator: HO151-1 EEMDCONA008
  • 15x 2 check valves: EEMDCONS313
  • 1x silicone tubing of 25 m: SCTDTUBE052

To be Ordered Separately

  • The paediatric flow splitter
  • Administration devices in sufficient quantities:
    • Oxygen masks for children
    • Nasal oxygen cannula for children, neonates and prematures

Instructions for use

  • Place the flow splitter on a stable furniture surface or attach it to a wall near to the patients.
  • Connect the flowsplitter, via the hosepipe, to the Oxygen concentrator(s).
  • Cut the silicone tube in equal lengths: short and medium sizes.
  • Connect the exit of the flow splitter via the (short) silicone tubes, with the check valves. Make sure to connect the check valves in the same direction of the flow!
  • Connect the hose connectors to the humidifiers.
  • Connect the check valves with the (medium size) silicone tubes, with the hose connectors on the humidifiers.
  • Connect a patient tube between the humidifier and the patient.

Do not forget

To connect the 5 patients it is necessary to have a 10l concentrator or two of 5l connected from both sides; If you connect only 1 of 5l you can only give 5 litres in total (2 patients 2 litres, 5 patients + -1 litre…)

Always check the flow and concentration with the oxygen analyzer when installed: EIMTCONE1--.

Please consult the “Manual of nursing Care Procedures, MSF, 2020” available online via the Nursing care working Group sharepoint page.

Precautions for Use

  • Do not expose to open flames/ Do not smoke near unit
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure 20 psig (138 kPa)


Follow the sterilization protocols of the humidifier

Sterilize the silicone tubes and hose connectors; change the check valves each month (for TB cases it will be necessary to change the complete circuit after each patient)


Temperature: -5° to 60°C

MSF requirements

The add-on set does not include the flow splitter. It includes the humidifiers and other accessories needed for the administration of oxygen from 0 to 2 litres per minute to multiple children.

The humidification of the oxygen is recommended in case of prolonged administration in order to prevent the mucous membranes to dry out.

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