AXILLARY CRUTCH, adult, adjustable length, 110-140cm


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Former Code(s): EPHYMISC029 EPHYZFR0029 EPHYZBE0026
Y12030603 - Crutches with under-axle support
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A staff-like mobility aid used to assist a person with a disability to support their weight while walking.

The device has one leg, a padded hand support at the level of the user's wrist, and an under-arm (the armpit or axilla) padded platform.




Quality standards

ISO 24415-2, 2011, edition 1, (confirmed 2022) Tips for assistive products for walking - Requirements and test methods - Part 2: Durability of tips for crutches

Technical specifications

  • Identification of the size needed: measure the length between two following points:
    • 5 cm below the axilla to
    • the 5 cm anterior and 15 cm lateral to the foot in standing position
  • Height adjustable with butterfly screws
  • Made of aluminium
  • Rubber tips with metal inlay (for longer resistance)
  • If possible with ergonomic hand grip
  • Hand grip height adjustable (average sizes):
Age groupsizeof patientof crutch
Child/adolescentsmall130 - 150 cm90 - 120 cm
Adultmedium150 - 175 cm110 - 140 cm
Large adultlarge175 - 198 cm130 - 150 cm
  • Dense foam for hand grip and underarm support
  • Supplied per pair

Instructions for use

For people unable to put weight on a lower limb (elderly people, amputees …).

Take the morphology of the local population into account when thinking about the size of crutches to be ordered.

Check if the patient received adequate training for the use of axillary crutches, and also for the detection of any sign of compression of the axillary neurovascular bundle.

MSF requirements

Mobility aid used in all types of contexts.

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