MANNITOL, 20%, 500ml, flex. bag, PVC free


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The product is supplied (and stored) sterile, it must remain sterile until its use. Sterile = state of being free from all living microorganisms.
16 - Diuretics
Classification of the medicines in groups and subgroups according to their therapeutic use. The classification used by MSF is based on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines.
Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification according to WHOCC
The order of this product needs to be justified and is only acceptable under certain conditions.
Thermosensitive codes are defined for storage and transportation temperature requirements of the products.
The product is part of at least one Kit. A kit is a collection of products (medical and/or logistic) that are needed for a certain intervention in emergency. The choice and quantity of the articles reflects the MSF protocols for this specific situation. The use of Kits allows to start an intervention without a detailed evaluation.
OC subscriptions: included in supply or field order tools (e.g. UniField)
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OC validations: approved for procurement and use by an OC for international or local orders specifying context and activity in Medical Standard Lists (MSL)

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Therapeutic Action

Osmotic diuretic


Raised intracranial hypertension in traumatic brain injury patients

Cerebral oedema

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Instructions for use

Must be given as slow IV infusion.

Never administer by IM or SC route.

Use a filter for IV line because of the risk of crystal formation with mannitol.

Precautions for Use

Contraindicated in patients with abnormal capillary fragility, pulmonary congestion or pulmonary oedema, intracranial bleeding, congestive heart failure and renal failure unless a test dose has produced a diuretic response.


Mannitol is a saturated solution, which may occasionally crystallise:

  • Do not administer mannitol if the solution contains crystals.
  • Thoroughly check the solution for crystals immediately before use.
  • If necessary, redissolve the crystals by heating the solution to 60°C in a water bath, shaking regularly until the crystals are redissolved.
  • Keep the bottle upright in water while heating. Do not immerse in water (cover the top).
  • Do not heat in microwave.
  • Allow the solution to cool to room temperature before administering.

In case of local purchase, flexible bags are preferred to semi-rigid bottles. Contact your OC pharmacist for validation and approval.


  • Bellow 25ºC.
  • Do not refrigerate.
  • Do not freeze.
  • After opening, use the product immediately.


It is important to pay attention to stack-piling, handling and internal transport conditions to prevent compression of the secondary packaging which could lead to micro-leakage of the bottle/bag (risk of microbial contamination).

See Preliminary remarks on infusions