ENT SET, FOREIGN BODY removal, 4 instruments


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ENT SET, FOREIGN BODY removal, 4 instruments + box

Printable pdf document for ENT set, foreign body removal composition with pictures can be downloaded in above Documents paragraph.


This is a small set of re-usable instruments to assist in the removal of foreign bodies from the ear. May be used in inpatient and outpatient settings but must be re-sterilised.



Contains the following instruments (one of each) with the wired sterilization tray.

  • The nerve hook serves as a right-angle probe used for manoeuvring alongside and past an object, rotating so that the right angle is behind the foreign body, and then withdrawing the instrument along with the object.
  • The Frazier suction tube is useful for round foreign bodies: place the end of the suction tube on the surface of the object, then apply suction.
  • The Billeau ear loop is a wax curette, can be used in a similar way as the right-angle probe. Also useful to remove wax from the ear canal to improve visualization and assist with removal.
  • The alligator forceps is useful for soft foreign bodies or those with parts that can be grasped (paper, tissue, insects)

To be Ordered Separately

  • a 10 ml syringe- used to flush out the foreign body with saline
  • a large IV catheter (16G or 14G if available) to attach to the syringe to flush out the foreign body or dislodge it