AUTOCLAVE TBM 90 l, vertical, 220V/380V/gas/kerosene, drying


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Z12011304 - Autoclaves with a chamber larger than or equal to 1 standard sterilisation unit
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AUTOCLAVE TBM 90 l, vertical


​A device designed for total elimination and/or inactivation of microorganisms from medical devices and related products using pressurized steam (i.e., moist heat) as the sterilizing agent.

Manually-operated 90-litre single-chamber vertical autoclave, designed to function on 3 different types of energy sources (gas, kerosene and electricity) and no running water. The energy sources can be used separately or in combination, according to the power supply situation.


Daguerre autoclave


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Quality standards

  • EN 285, 2016, +A1 2021 Sterilization - Steam sterilizers - Large sterilizers​
  • EN 13445, 2021, Unfired Pressure Vessels​ (parts 1-5)
  • EN IEC 61010-2-040, 2020, edition 3, Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use - Part 2-040 Particular requirements for sterilizers and washer-disinfectors used to treat medical materials
  • ISO 17665-1, 2006, edition 1, (confirmed 2016) Sterilization of health care products - Moist heat - Part 1: Requirements for the development, validation and routine control of a sterilization process for medical devices

Technical specifications

  • Vertical model
  • Stainless steel
  • Inner dimensions: 40 cm Ø x 70 cm high


  • Electricity (220 V - 380 V, power: 4.5 kW)
  • Kerosene
  • Gas

These heating sources can be used separately or together (electricity + kerosene, or electricity + gas). This is especially useful in MSF contexts where the power supply is often unreliable.

The autoclave can be set by simple switching to operate

  • normally with a power of 4,500 W
  • with a reduced power of 3,000 W
  • with 1,500 W to supplement another heating source.


The condensation system incorporated in this autoclave is specially designed for use without electricity or running water, as both are liable to be available only intermittently in many outlying hospitals.


The valves are of different colours to make the use easier. Operating instructions in English and in French are attached to the autoclave. Pressure and temperature measurements are indicated in the different units that are used in the world.


All the mechanisms were designed to keep maintenance to a minimum and prevent breakdowns.

Since several years, TBM/Aftech/Sterimed does not manufacture the doors (or covers) anymore, but buys an existing product and welds it on its autoclave.

4 kinds of covers were successively used:

  • cover TBM Daguerre
    • this rectangular gasket became obsolete
  • cover Boyer
    • round profile gasket Ø 6 mm
    • internal Ø 403 mm
    • MSF code: ESTEAUTS927/ ESTEAUTO90M ref. 190095
  • cover OPA
    • round profile gasket Ø 9 mm
    • internal Ø 408 mm
    • MSF code: ESTEAUTS928/ ESTEAUTO90N ref. 190089
  • New cover 2011
    • gasket ref. 191019
    • MSF code: ESTEAUTS904/ ESTEAUTO904

When ordering a spare gasket, please specify the dimension of the gasket and/or the serial number of the autoclave.

Supplied with the Article

  • 4 HEPA filters
  • supplier's user manual

To be Ordered Separately

  • timer
  • TST indicator strips
  • autoclave steam indicator tape
  • plastic jerry can (20 litres)
  • crepe paper sheets

Instructions for use



  • The electrical wiring should be adapted to the available current (380V three-phase, 220V three-phase, 220V single-phase) by modifying the connections position inside the electrical box.


  • The autoclave must be installed in a ventilated area, but protected from drafts.
  • Make sure the flame is not too close to the base of the autoclave.
  • If the space does not afford sufficient ventilation, the chimney should be connected to the outside.
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Precautions for Use

  • WARNING: never heat the autoclave without water or when the water level is insufficient.
    All models have a safety device which switches off the power supply if the water level is insufficient. In this case, after cooling down with the green valve open, add water until the surplus evacuates through the green valve and wait until the system resets (the sensor must be cold). However, this safety is not total, and heating with an insufficient water level will always end by destroying the heater elements and the security thermostat.
  • Use FILTERED water, non salt, low or non chlorinated, and preferably soft water, for example tap water or rainwater (never the water recovered in the autoclave from a previous sterilization cycle since the limestone concentration is particularly high).
  • Once a week, remove limestone build-up by heating the (empty) autoclave with water and vinegar.
  • Never use chlorinated products for cleaning the autoclave.
  • It is recommended to unscrew the box for cotton (or gauze compresses) located on the lid of the autoclave and to replace it with an air filter to filter the air which is reintroduced into the autoclave after drying. Change the HEPA filter every 6 months (see related articles below).
  • As this is a completely manual-driven apparatus, the operators must absolutely follow the instructions in every detail to guaranty a proper sterilization and prevent accidents (burns, explosion, etc.).
  • Before loading the autoclave, be sure that the articles to be sterilized were correctly pre-disinfected, washed, dried, controlled and packed.

MSF requirements

This autoclave is specially suited to the conditions of regional hospitals, because of its flexibility of power source, its special drying process, its ease of use and its reliable design.

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Heating recommendations

Combined heating

Some electrical systems (with a low power generator) are not powerful enough for position 3 (4,500 W). In this case, position 2 (3,000 W) should be used.

Position 1 (1,500 W) does not give enough heat for a sterilization cycle, but can be used in combination with another power source: electricity 1500 watts + kerosene (or gas) to give faster heating than with kerosene (or gas) alone.

Recommendations for reducing heat losses when using a burner

  • Avoid exposing the autoclave to drafts.
  • Find a balance between sufficient supply of air for good combustion and keeping hot air round the autoclave
    (try closing halfway the heater door and/or the gas outlet.)
  • A sterilization cycle takes a ± long time, depending on the power of the heating source. Allow at least 2 hours with electric heating or kerosene heating with a correct burner (strong enough, foot pump). A less powerful burner without foot pump, can increase the time of the cycle up to 4 hours and even more.

Kerosene heating

  • Use only a single burner heater. Never use a multiple burner heater (risk of fire).
  • Fill 2/3 of the tank with filtered kerosene (do not use diesel).
  • Make sure the different parts of the burner and tank are properly tightened together.
  • Pump up the pressure (if foot pump, 3 bars maximum). Light the burner.
  • Pump up the pressure again every 30 min; maximum heating requires maximum pressure.

NB: Certain models have a connection for an external pump. Such a pump is easier to use, but never exceed a pressure of 3 bars.

Heating settings

0: power off.

1: first element switched on (1,500 W at 220 V)

2: two elements switched on (3,000 W at 220 V)

3: three elements switched on (4,500 W at 220 V)

Electrical connections

The electrical connecting and the position of the strips must correspond to the type of current.

In any case, connect the earth (green/yellow terminal) to the common earth of the building using a conductor of 4 mm² diameter. If there is no common earth, sink an iron spike of minimum 1 cm diameter and 150 cm long (e.g. a concrete reinforcing rod) into the earth at the dampest possible spot.


Extra Tables

ESTEAUTA951(autoclave TBM 90 l) BASKET, stainless steelAC0802900807
ESTEAUTA954(autoclave TBM 90 l) STAND for gaz burnerKI0061700 025
ESTEAUTA956(autoclave TBM 90 l) WRENCH 60mm, heater element take-off 700015
ESTEAUTS904(autoclave TBM 90 l) GASKET cover, Ø 13 mmJO0003 
ESTEAUTS9041(autoclave TBM 90 l) GASKET cover, Ø 13 mm, Manufacturer MDS 200078
ESTEAUTS905(autoclave TBM 90 l) BOLT SET of BOYER DOOR, 2 handlesKI0071 
ESTEAUTS908(autoclave TBM 90 l) VALVE 1/4th TURN REDKI0510600111
ESTEAUTS909(autoclave TBM 90 l) VALVE 1/4th TURN YELLOWKI0512600111A
ESTEAUTS910(autoclave TBM 90 l) VALVE 1/4th TURN GREENKI0513600111B
ESTEAUTS911(autoclave TBM 90 l) VALVE 1/4th TURN BLUEKI0511600111C
ESTEAUTS912(autoclave TBM 90 l) VALVE 1/4th TURN BLACKKI0516600111D
ESTEAUTS913(autoclave TBM 90 l) TIMER S43, 60 minAC0290240329 (400148 achat 2020)
ESTEAUTS914(autoclave TBM 90 l) PLATE + HANDLE for switchKI0065 
ESTEAUTS916(autoclave TBM 90 l) BRASS COILRE7401900974
ESTEAUTS917(autoclave TBM 90 l) DISCHARGE VALVE, 121°CKI1122800618
ESTEAUTS918(autoclave TBM 90 l) DISCHARGE VALVE, 134°CKI1134800619
ESTEAUTS919(autoclave TBM 90 l) ADAPTATION KITKI0010800620
ESTEAUTS920(autoclave TBM 90 l) MANOMETERAC0001300304
ESTEAUTS921(autoclave TBM 90 l) CABLE, 5 m flex. 5 cond. + con.KI2304420027
ESTEAUTS922(autoclave TBM 90 l) THERMOSTAT 60 to 200 °CKI2016300254
ESTEAUTS923(autoclave TBM 90 l) DRAINAGE HOSE reinf. 5 m + collarKI0081700011
ESTEAUTS924(autoclave TBM 90 l) HEATER ELEMENT, 4.5 KWELC1301800806
ESTEAUTS925(autoclave TBM 90 l) BULB, complete, blueELO109400 073
ESTEAUTS926(autoclave TBM 90 l) GASKET for heater device700004200 715
ESTEAUTS927(autoclave TBM 90 l) GASKET cover Boyer, Ø 6 mmJO0002200 077
ESTEAUTS928(autoclave TBM 90 l) GASKET cover OPA, Ø 9 mmJO0001 
ESTEAUTS929(autoclave TBM 90 l) ELECTRICAL BOX, wiring, completeELC001241947 (900952 achat 2020)
ESTEAUTS932(autoclave TBM 90 l) SAFETY VALVEAC0004800601
ESTEAUTS933(autoclave TBM 90 l) SWITCH  4 positions, 3 poles 240381
ESTEAUTS936(autoclave TBM 90 l) SET of LOCK, cover Boyer 2model,1handleKI0072730 045
ESTEAUTS937(autoclave TBM 90 l) PULLEY SHAFT lock, cover Boyer,1 modelKI0071730 044
ESTEAUTS939(autoclave TBM 90L) 3pcs union inox 316L 2spigots DN15 1/2"Gpas créé 310520
ESTEAUTS940(autoclave TBM 90 l) SPACER TUBERE2087700 029
ESTEAUTS942(autoclave TBM 90 l) KIT PURGE, precycle ecoKI0082700 030
ESTEAUTS943(autoclave TBM 90 l) CABLE SEAL heater element M45JO0009 
ESTEAUTS944(autoclave TBM 90 l) PFTE TUBE 500mm Ø12mmKI0058 
ESTEAUTS945(autoclave TBM 90 l) PFTE TUBE 500mm Ø16mmKI0059 
ESTEAUTS946(autoclave TBM 90 l) DRAIN PANKI300011700 035