KIT, MOTOR PUMP, DIESEL, 60 m³/h max, 27 m max, 3"

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KIT, MOTOR PUMP, DIESEL, 60 m³/h max, 27 m max, 3"


Diesel motor pump used to pump water from maximum 7 metre depth and/or delivering water to distribution systems up to maximum 27 metre height (reservoirs, tap stands).

Suitable for intensive and continuous use.



  • Guillemin coupling 3" (ND80) at inlet and outlet
  • Elbow 90º for horizontal outlet
  • Pump + engine mounted on a frame
  • Oil security cut off
  • Maximum suction head: 7 m
  • Maximum total head: 27 m
  • Maximum yield: 60 m3/h
  • Autonomy > 3 h


The kit contains all the accessories and consumables required for the functioning and maintenance of the pump. Its exact composition could differ according to the model of pump which is supplied.

Instructions for use

Kit supplied with user manual + plastic coated technical sheet.

Check that the performance curve of the pump suits your situation

Fill the oil pan prior to first use and check the level daily.

For the suction, use only the long spiral hose and strainer supplied in the kit.

Prime the pump with water before starting.

Train the staff in proper operation, follow-up and maintenance of the pump.

Maintenance: every 100 hours. Fill in the maintenance logbook.

For more detailed information and instructions see also the Owner's manual (included in the kit) and "Public Health Engineering in Precarious Situations", MSF, 2nd edition, 2010:

  • T.B. 2.25 Centrifugal pumps
  • T.B. 2.28 Motor pump kit installation
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